Military info found on jihad suspect on his way to Syria

Suspected jihadist Rachid el J. from Huizen had information about the military on him when he was arrested almost two years ago, Gooi-en Eemlander reported on Friday.

El J. was arrested because the judiciary believed he was about to travel to Syria to fight for Islamic State in the Syrian Civil War. In his backpack the authorities discovered a hard drive containing explanations on training in combat, survival techniques and the use of firearms. There was also a training program for jihadists and instructions on making an obstacle course.

The Public Prosecutor believes El J. planned to make a supply run to Syria. The authorities found gold nuggets, cash, a "large number" of batteries, headlamps, watches with altimeters and multi tools ready to be transported in his home in Huizen.

El J.'s court case will continue next Friday. He is the brother of Soufian el J., who was killed in Syria last year.