Massive 40 kilo beaver found killed in roadside accident

40 kilo beaver found in Nijnsel, Noord-Brabant, 1 Feb 2016 (Photo: @maridebijl/Twitter). (40 kilo beaver found in Nijnsel, Oost-Brabant, 1 Feb 2016 (Photo: @maridebijl/Twitter))

A massive one meter long, 40 kilogram beaver was found killed in a roadside accident in Nijnsel, Oost Brabant on Monday. The tail alone is about 15 centimeters, forester Mari de Bijl announced on Twitter. 

"It's a shame", De Bijl said to Omroep Brabant. "It was a magnificent animal, that we now got to see up close. You see very well the fins at the front and hind legs, and how well it adapted to the aquatic environment."

He added that the car that hit the animal also sustained damage. "There was a strip of a car on the road. The driver must have noticed that he hit something." he said.