Video: White-tailed eagle chicks spotted in Dordrecht national park

"Truly amazing images", said the astonished ranger Thomas van der Es said to Rijnmond after a pair of white-tailed eagle chicks surprisingly appeared in front Nature and Birdwatch volunteers’ camera in Biesbosch near Dordrecht.

The volunteers were actually looking for small mammals. They were therefore very surprised when the young two white-tailed sea eagles landed in front of their eyes.

Since 2012, white-tailed eagles have been habituating in Biesbosch. According to Van der Es, there are currently two breeding pairs. The Dutch population even grows to fifteen pairs.

"The images are unique because sea eagles do not like to sit low on the ground with bushes around them. This is only possible with a camera trap.” Van der Es explained. Ranger Van der Es said that these eagles were possibly looking for brown rats which the volunteers were using as bait for their camera trap.

He added that the young birds left the nest only a few weeks ago:  "Now they have to look for food themselves."