Travel agencies want single EU body to give Covid-19 travel advice

There is too much uncertainty about which countries are safe to visit and which coronavirus measures apply where, according to the Dutch association for travel companies ANVR. "It would help if you have one European travel advice," Frank Oostdam of the association said to to NOS.

By having a single, transparent European directive, you prevent confusion, Oostdam said. As an example, he mentioned a poolside in a country whose travel advice was escalated by the Netherlands. "The Dutch have to leave an the British and Germans look around and think: what is happening here. It would be much better to arrange that a European level."

Oostdam understands that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs only feels comfortable making policy for its own population. "All those other countries feel the same," he said to the broadcaster. "But I would say make an exception for the travel advice. That gives much more clarity." 

He pointed out that EU countries did manage to work together on a list of non-EU countries from which travelers are welcome. It's just one step further to make a joint travel advice for places EU citizens can visit, he said.