Working from home costs €43 per month

Working from home costs around 2 euros per day more than working from the office, according to calculations by budget information institute Nibud. For people who work five days per week, 8 hours per day, that amounts to 43.30 euros per month extra, and 440 euros per year.

The extra costs come from the consumption of electricity, water and gas, as well as items like toilet paper, and the supplies needed to make six cups of coffee or tea per day. Costs normally born by the employee, like maintaining their own computer or their mobile phone plan, were not included in the calculation.

Nibud advised people who are currently working from home due to the coronavirus crisis to discuss with their boss whether they can get compensation for the extra costs they incur. Employees cannot deduct these costs from their tax return, but employers can reimburse certain costs with no taxes removed using the work-related costs scheme.

After all, coffee that workers drink at home is coffee the employer no longer needs to buy.