Give frequent public transit users their money back: Ombudsman

People with a public transport pass who were unable to use public transit due to the coronavirus, must be given a refund, public transport ombudsman Bram Hansma said in his quarterly report, NOS reports.

Due to measures in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus, public transit could only be used by people with so-called vital professions between March and June 1. According to Hansma, many people held on to their subscription in this period, "pending further reports" and because in the early weeks of the crisis, it was unclear how long travel restrictions would last. 

This resulted in frequent public transport users sometimes paying hundreds of euros for a service that they could not use due to government restrictions. "At the request of the government, they did not use it. However, carriers have so far been unwilling to accommodate these subscription holders."

These travelers are entitled to a refund, according to the ombudsman.