Two kids hurt in explosion in The Hague


Two children were injured in an explosion on Goeverneurlaan in The Hague at around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday. Both were taken to hospital, a boy to be treated for glass shards in his face and a girl to be checked over, the fire department told Omroep West.

According to the fire brigade, it looks like a gas cylinder exploded in a shed behind a home on Goeverneurlaan, but that is still being investigated. The blast shattered multiple windows, shards of which ended up in the boy's face. The girl was not injured, but was taken to the hospital to be checked over as a precaution, a fire brigade spokesperson said to the broadcaster.

Surrounding homes were evacuated, but residents have since been allowed to return home. Some windows were damaged in the explosion, but the homes' foundations are sound, according to the fire brigade. 

A salvage crew is helping residents with clearing the glass shards and handling damage claims.