Dutch central bank to investigate its links to slavery

De Nederlandsche Bank
De Nederlandsche BankPhoto: Kaihsu/Wikimedia Commons

Dutch central bank DNB commissioned an independent party to  conduct an investigation into the relationship between the bank and slavery, a DNB spokesperson confirmed to NU.nl. This follows a broader story about the role of banks in slavery in Vrij Nederland, and the Bank of England apologizing for the involvement of former executives in the slave trade in mid-June.

"We are aware of the current discussion about the Dutch slavery past and that is why, partly as a result of the research at the Bank of England, it has been decided to conduct a historical investigation into the relationship between DNB and slavery," the Dutch central bank said.

The investigation will look into DNB's role as an institution in the early years of its existence, as well as into its board members and presidents at that time. For example, it is already known that "the widow Borksi, who co-financed DNB in its founding years, used her capital to fund plantations in Suriname and elsewhere in the Caribbean," DNB said.