Tata Steel promised no forced layoffs till 2026 in agreement with trade union

Tata Steel IJmuiden at sunset
The sun sets on the Tata Steel complex in IJmuiden. July 8, 2018.Photo: portosabbia / DepositPhotos

The previously announced cut of a thousand full time positions at Tata Steel IJmuiden has been scrapped. The company promised that there will be no forced layoffs at the IJmuien branch until 2026 in an agreement reached with trade union FNV, the union said. Tata Steel confirmed to NU.nl that an agreement had been reached.

Tata Steel previously announced a reorganization that would result in thousands of layoffs, including a thousand full time jobs being cut in IJmuiden. This caused unrest at the steel company, and when the Dutch CEO of Tata Steel Nederland resigned in mid-May, unrest turned into weeks of protests.

Tata Steel Nederland told NU.nl that there may still be a reduction in the number of jobs, but there will be no forced redundancies. 

"The previously set goal to reduce the number of jobs by a thousand in the reorganization plan is now off the table," a spokesperson for FNV said to NU.nl. "If it turns out in the future that a reduction is necessary, Tata must come up with a new, well-substantiated plan that must then be discussed with the works council." 

"After 25 days of strike, the management of Tata Steel finally listened to he wishes of the employees. There is a firm agreement, which we are now submitting to our members as soon as possible," the union spokesperson said. In addition to commitments on job and investment retention, agreements were also made on less work for older workers with wages and pension accrual largely being spared.