Fewer than 125 Covid-19 patients in Dutch hospitals after 18% decrease

Artist's rendition of the coronavirus
Artist's rendition of the SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the Covid-19 coronavirus diseaselightsourceDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

The overall medical situation in the Netherlands with regard to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continued to improve on Friday, with patient coordination office LCPS confirming another important decrease in the number of patients with Covid-19 currently being treated in Dutch hospitals. There were 123 admitted patients in total receiving care for the coronavirus disease, including the fewest number of patients in ICU since March 6.

"There are now fewer than 125 COVID patients in Dutch hospitals. The continued decline is a very favorable sign, and gives more space for regular care," said Ernst Kuipers, the head of the acute care providers network in the Netherlands.

The number of patients in intensive care decreased by five to 20, while outside of the ICU there was a decrease of 23 patients down to 103. The two figures combined for a reduction of 18.5 percent compared to Thursday.

Of the 2,925 patients in the Netherlands who required treatment in intensive care since late February, 866 have died. Some 1,835 have recovered and were discharged, according to nonprofit organization NICE.