Dutch gov’t issues new travel warning for Portugal cities over Covid outbreaks

After months of cautioning that relaxed travel restrictions could change quickly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tightened up its travel advisory for Lisbon and Porto just two weeks after the Schengen Area more readily opened up its borders to travelers.

According to Dutch public health institute RIVM, the spread of the coronavirus has increased in the two Portuguese cities. The Ministry therefore heightened its travel warning from "Code Yellow" to "Code Orange' for Lisbon and its surroundings and Porto and its Surroundings. Code Orange means that the Ministry actively advises against vacationing in those areas - only go there if absolutely necessary. 

Dutch people currently in Lisbon or Porto are advised to consider whether it is necessary for them to stay there. If not, they should make contact with their travel companies to arrange to go home. Once home, they are urgently advised to self-isolate at home for two weeks.