Last day for businesses to claim fixed costs support; €800m still unclaimed

Netherlands money calculator
Stock photo of the Netherlands flag, cash in euros, and a calculatorphoto: Zerbor / DepositPhotos

Today is the last day that businesses can apply for support in paying their fixed business costs through the so-called TOGS scheme. So far the once-off compensation of 4 thousand euros was paid out 200 thousand times, leaving about half of the budgeted 1.6 billion euros in this scheme unclaimed, BNR reports based on figures from the RVO.

Up to June 23, over 215 thousand applications were filed to the TOGS scheme, set up to help businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic pay their fixed costs. Over 200 thousand applications were approved. The scheme paid out a total of 802 million euros. 

The TOGS scheme will be replaced by a new scheme called the Fixed Costs SME allowance. This is intended for small- and medium sized businesses who suffered a structural loss of more than 30 percent turnover due to the coronavirus crisis. They can receive a maximum of 50 thousand euros in 4 months.

In addition to the TOGS scheme, the government also set up two other coronavirus support schemes - the TOZO and the NOW. Both of these have been extended.