Half of at-home workers want a coronavirus vaccine before returning to office

More than half of Netherlands residents who are currently working from home due to the coronavirus crisis want to continue doing so until there is a vaccine against the virus. They worry their coworkers will not continue to take precautions with regard to the slowing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for Covid-19, according to a survey among 1,012 Dutch by research agency Panelinzicht for Acties.nl.

People were slightly less reserved in Noord-Brabant, Overijssel and Utrecht, where between 53 and 54 percent are prepared to go back to the office. Still, over 60 percent of those in Limburg and Noord-Holland do not want to return to the workplace, making those residents the most unnerved.

"An important explanation for this seems to be a lack of trust in colleagues. Indeed, more than half of the respondents are not confident that they adhere to all corona measures," the company said in a statement.

However, 81 percent said they adhere to the rules themselves. Half also said that they do not think their offices can be made coronavirus-proof, and 24 percent said their companies are not trying hard enough to follow advice from the RIVM and industry protocols.

"As long as there is no vaccine, it is always a gamble to go back to the office," said Vince Franke from Actie.nl, whose office space closed its doors at the beginning of the pandemic. “For some colleagues, however, the home-working situation is so undesirable that they preferred to return to the workplace yesterday. I would like to make an exception for them, but a safe working environment is central to this. ”

In addition to general hygiene at the office, the commute is also a problem for many. Over two thirds of respondents said that they want to avoid public transport for the time being, and therefore want to continue working at home.