Coronavirus medicine ready within 6 months, antibody discoverer says

A medicine against the coronavirus may be ready within the coming six months, professor of cell biology Frank Grosveld of Erasmus University, said to NPO Radio 1. Grosveld and several other scientists discovered the first coronavirus antibodies in March, sparking hopes for a medicine.

Over the past weeks, much progress was made in testing the medicine on living beings, Grosveld said. "The medicine will be there in five, six months." An American company will be developing the medicine, but he could not say which company exactly.

Grosveld is hopeful that the impact of this medicine will be enormous. "This antibody responds to SARS1, it also works on the current coronavirus, which is also known as SARS2. If there is a SARS3, it is likely to respond well to it," he said. "You can use it as a medicine if you are already infected, and as a preventative for high-risk groups."

According to the professor, the Dutch government pushed several hundred thousand euros into this research.