Dutch gov't working on protocol for tourism during coronavirus: report

Tourist checking a map in Amsterdam
Tourist checking a map in AmsterdamrglinskyDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

At least six of the Netherlands' Ministries are currently working on a protocol to ensure that tourism in the country can restart and run smoothly, despite the coronavirus crisis, sources in The Hague told the Telegraaf. 

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, for example, is looking into the impact tourism has on the road network, public transport, shipping, and aviation. Based on this, the government will determine what measures are necessary to keep transport safe, accessible and not too crowded once tourists return.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate is looking into what tourists will be allowed to do and what not, according to the newspaper. This takes into account the risk of the coronavirus spreading, but also economic interests.

The government is also considering whether it can force tourists to spread out through the country, to prevent popular destinations like Amsterdam and Scheveningen becoming too crowded. The Ministries are also discussing whether tourists from outside the European Union should be subject to different rules than EU residents. They're talking to other EU member states to get a coherent plan together, instead of a patchwork of different rules and requirements.

In addition to the Ministries of Infrastructure and Economic Affairs, other Ministries involved are Justice and Security, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Public Health.