Covid-19: ICU patients remain stable

There were 189 people being treated in intensive care on Wednesday for Covid-19, patient coordination office LCPS said. The increase of one patient followed the previous day's reporting of a substantial 16 percent decrease in the critical care departments.

"After yesterday's rapid decline, the number of ICU patients has stabilized over the past 24 hours. The decline is expected to continue in the coming week," said Ernst Kuipers, the chair of the ROAZ, the country's network of acute care providers. Kuipers previously said he expected intensive care cases to drop below the 150 mark this week.

Intensive care units have so far treated 2,870 for Covid-19, of which 1,399 recovered from the disease and 822 died. Another 415 were still being cared for in other hospital departments, non-profit organization NICE said.

Non-intensive care hospital cases involving the coronavirus disease were down to 723 on Wednesday, a decrease of 25 compared to Tuesday.