Four Scottish highland cows killed in apparent wolf attack in Noord-Brabant

Four Scottish highlanders were killed, possibly by wolves, in the Noord-Brabant town of Someren over the past days. The cows were less than a year old. "They're no bigger than sheep. It happened at three different times," owner Jos Leenders said to NOS.

Leenders has around 150 Scottish highlanders spread over different areas of land. "I didn't know the wolf was so active here in the south. I wasn't prepared for that."

According to Saskia Duives of LTO Nederland, this is certainly not the first incident of wolves killing livestock in the Netherlands. "First there were sheep, quite a lot. And now it is cows. I'm done with it, something has to be done." She called for a wolf committee to be established in Noord-Brabant, like in Gelderland. Farmers can go to the committee  for money to protect their livestock from wolves. "They can buy extra high fences and power them. These are considerable investments."

The Fauna Fund is currently investigating whether the Scottish highlanders in Someren were indeed killed by wolves.