Online cryptocurrency event donating proceeds to Dutch Red Cross

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When a team of cryptocurrency entrepreneurs took a leap of faith and decided to make use of their stay-at-home time by hosting a virtual conference about their industry, they said it was clear what needed to be done. They quickly chose to donate all of the funds raised from the conference to the Dutch Red Cross, and other national chapters, because of their involvement in the fight against coronavirus.

“Deciding to support the Red Cross with all proceeds from the event was an easy decision for us. The team and numerous volunteers are fighting the effects and spread of COVID-19 on the frontline, at a global scale,” said Fernando Verboonen. Verboonen is the CEO of CurioInvest, which teamed up with “@DavidPKR” to create Fastblocks, which they say is the only virtual conference focused on blockchain where all of the proceeds are being given to charity.

“As a forward thinking non-profit, the Red Cross supports cryptocurrency payments through reputable providers in Holland and other international regions. This makes it easy and straight-forward for supporters of the future virtual economy to provide the charity with much needed funds,” Verboonen told NL Times.

Fastblocks will present live on YouTube beginning at noon on Tuesday. Anyone wanting VIP access to the Telegram channel, and other virtual networking opportunities, was asked to register at the website

“For industry insiders, there will be networking opportunities and the chance to show your project’s support against COVID-19,” Verboonen said.

He said he is proud of the “all-star speaking lineup” set for the Tuesday afternoon event. The four-hour online conference is meant for investors, entrepreneurs, blockchain professionals, and enthusiasts who have an interest in fintech and virtual currency.

Scheduled speakers include Erik Finman, the CEO of Botangle once named Time’s Most Influential Teen, and Dr. Tobias Reichmuth, the serial entrepreneur with Crypto Finance AG who recently closed a reported $14.5 million in Series B funding.

Eric Benz, the CEO of Changelly, and Richard Heart, from Project HEX, will also join.