Amsterdam hospital’s coronavirus check-up app now available to the public

Hospital OLVG in Amsterdam
The OLVG hospital in Amsterdam Oost. Feb. 25, 2014Photo: Apus apusWikimedia CommonsCC-BY-SA

"The Corona Check" app developed by Amsterdam hospital OLVG is available to everyone in the Netherlands from Tuesday. Users can upload what symptoms they have on the app, which will then estimate how likely they are to have Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus.

Teams consisting of doctors, doctors in training, and nurses at seven "control centers" spread throughout the Netherlands assess the symptoms uploaded on the app. They decide how likely a person is to have the coronavirus based on these symptoms. If there is a medical reason to do so, a member of these teams will contact the app user within 24 hours. If necessary, the user will be advised to contact their GP or be referred to a hospital.

The OLVG app is based on an existing app by Luscii for patients with chronic diseases, founder Daan Dohmen told Het Parool. "The Luscii app was already in use for the chronically ill at half of the Dutch hospitals, as well as in England, Sweden, and Denmark. We have now made this app suitable for people with corona. So there's been innovation in it for nine years."

More information on the app and where to get it, can be found here