No mortgage foreclosures during coronavirus crisis, promises Minister

Minister Stientje van Veldhoven, responsible for Environment and Housing, made agreements with parties involved to ensure that no homeowners end up on the street during the coronavirus crisis. There will be no mortgage foreclosures until at least July 1st, and mortgage lenders will look for solutions with homeowners in trouble.

The Minister made agreements to this extent with the Dutch association of banks VNV, the Association of Insurers, the national mortgage guarantee fund Nationale Hypotheekgarantie, and homeowners association VEH, she said on Tuesday. 

The government has taken measures to ensure that as few people as possible get into financial difficulties in the short term, the Minister said. But to make sure all homeowners are covered, she mad these agreements with the parties involved. 

The 'no foreclosures' measure does not include cases in which criminal activity is involved, for example if a drug lab or cannabis plantation is found in a home.