Homeowners to see housing costs increase 5% this year

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Homeowners in the Netherlands will see their housing costs increase by 5 percent this year, according to new figures from the University of Groningen's center for research into lower governments' economy COELO. On average, homeowners will pay 776 euros to their municipality this year. Tenants' housing costs will amount to 389 euros this year on average, NOS.

The increase in housing costs for homeowners mainly has to do with increased property tax (ozb) This tax is linked to the house price. The ozb increased 4.7 percent compared to last year. On average, homeowners pay 295 euros ozb per year. Tenants don't pay ozb. 

Another factor in the increased housing costs, is an increase in waste tax, which affects both homeowners and tenants. Multi-person households will pay an average of 283 euros for the collection and processing of their waste this year, 8 percent more than last year. This is the second year in a row that waste tax increased, after the central government increased its rates.

The levy on cleaning wastewater is also increasing slightly this year, partly because of investments water boards have to make to achieve their climate targets.