Rules for truckers relaxed during Covid-19 crisis; Keep bathrooms open, Minister asks

The government is temporarily relaxing the rules for truck drivers, so that they can work longer and more flexibly to ensure the supply of goods. To this effect, Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen of Infrastructure called on roadside restaurants and gas stations to keep their toilets open for truckers to use. "We have to honor drivers especially now," she said to NOS Radio 1

Under the relaxed rules, truckers are allowed to drive for 11 hours instead of 9 hours per shift, and they have a driving time limit of 60 instead of 56 hour per week. The measures apply until April 6th.

Truckers are essential in the supply of agricultural products, food and foodstuffs, medicines, medical devices, cleaning agents, and waste. The Minister hopes that the relaxed rules will help them do their jobs, but she stressed that road safety should not be compromised.