Labor party member appointed new Medical Care Minister

Martin van Rijn
Martin van Rijn in 2015 as State Secretary for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and SportRijksoverheid.nlWikimedia CommonsCC-0

Martin van Rijn from opposition party PvdA was appointed to take over as Minister for Medical Care, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced on Friday, NOS reports.

Van Rijn, who was a State Secretary of Public Health in the previous Rutte government, will take over from Bruno Bruins. He resigned on Thursday after collapsing from exhaustion during a parliamentary debate on Wednesday.

Despite him being in an opposition party, Van Rijn was chosen because he is well versed in the medical sector. Following his five years as State Secretary, he was named chairman of the Reinier-Haga hospital system, which manages eight hospitals mostly in Zuid-Holland.

Someone with experience will be needed in the coming period, as the Minister for Medical Care is in charge of the Covid-19 file.