Rainy weather to break for some sunshine on Saturday

Those getting tired of the rain and clouds in the Netherlands, can look forward to some sunshine on Saturday, according to the weather forecast by Weeronline. Though the rainy weather will be back on Sunday, with a strong southwesterly wind blowing along the coast.

The southern part of the Netherlands can expect rain on Thursday afternoon. The northern half will stay mostly dry and may even see the sun break through the clouds. Maximums will climb to around 8 degrees. Rain and clouds will continue throughout the night in the south, southeast, east and middle of the country, according to the weather service.

Friday will be gray, with the eastern parts of the country still getting some light rain in the morning. In the afternoon, showers will start falling in the southwest and slowly spread out to the rest of the country. Afternoon temperatures will again hover around 8 degrees Celsius - usual temperatures for early March.

On Saturday, the sun will break through the clouds in most of the Netherlands. There may be a shower or two in the eastern parts of the country. The west will have the most sun and leas rain. Afternoon temperatures will even reach double digits, climbing to 10 degrees.

Sunday will again be completely different than Saturday, with periods of rain and thick cloud cover. The sun may break through during the afternoon, but even then there is a chance of showers. Maximums will climb to between 10 and 12 degrees, with a moderate to strong southwesterly wind.