Thousands celebrate their first birthday in four years

Over 11 thousand people get to celebrate their leap day birthdays in the Netherlands on Saturday. That includes six people who will turn 100 years old, said Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

The country is home to 466 children who were born on the last leap day, and another 475 who were born on February 29, 2012. People born in on leap day 2000 or later make up 2,368 of the country's leap babies.

More than 2,200 couples will also celebrate their wedding anniversaries on the day, including 300 which will salute their 40-year union. Some 378 partners will enjoy their "first" anniversary, more than any other year.

Twelve couples were also expected to toast their 60-year diamond anniversary on Saturday.

While the date, which appears on calendars once every four years, is more popular for weddings than comparable days, fewer children are typically born on the leap day in the Netherlands, the CBS said.