Two students reportedly among four held in stabbing at secondary school

Hague police officer
A police officer in The Hague. Sept. 11, 2015DutchlightDepositPhotosDeposit Photos

With reporting by Jamie de Geir.

A 21-year-old man was rushed to the hospital Monday after a stabbing near the Molenduin secondary school in Santpoort-Noord. The stabbing occurred at around 1:30 p.m. on Dinkgrevelaan, and police later announced several people were in custody.

Two of those in custody are students at the school, the Noordhollands Dagblad reported. The school focuses on special education with a basis in vocational training. 

In total, four people were detained, police said, including a three male teenagers aged 15, 17, and 19. The other is the 21-year-old victim. He was being treated at an area hospital Monday evening.

"The school is open today and our students are very welcome," Molenduin said in a statement on Tuesday, emphasizing that support would be provided to to students and staffers that day. Anyone at the school needing long-term counseling because of the event would also receive assistance.

Witnesses told NH news that the area nearby the school was filled with emergency services in the aftermath. Besides an ambulance and a trauma team who arrived by helicopter, several officers were seen wearing bulletproof vests over their uniforms.

Shortly after the stabbing, authorities asked the public in the region around the Noord-Holland town near IJmuiden to be on the lookout for a slim, athletic man wearing blue jeans, a dark jacket over a gray sweater, and a gray hat.

It was not revealed if this matches the description of one of the suspects held in the case.