Amsterdam to implement complete fireworks ban

Fireworks in Amsterdam Oost, 31 Dec 2017
Fireworks in Amsterdam Oost, 31 Dec 2017Photo: Zachary Newmark / NL Times

The city council of Amsterdam on Thursday approved plans to announce a general ban on fireworks before the end of the year, making the capital the second large Dutch city to completely ban consumers from lighting fireworks after Rotterdam. The motion by animal party PvdD was supported by the entire city council except for the CDA and FvD, reports.

The two largest cities of the Netherlands are going a step further than the government, who announced plans to ban firecrackers and rockets. Amsterdam wants to ban all consumer fireworks except sparklers. Mayor Femke Halsema will prepare an enforcement plan in the coming months. Fireworks shows and various other small events will be organized to entertain people over New Year's

Enforcing a ban on lighting fireworks will be difficult without limiting their sale within the municipal boundaries, Halsema said. She sent a "route planner" to the city council, saying she wants to reduce the number of permits for fireworks shop.

The Rotterdam city council voted to completely ban fireworks in the municipality at the end of January. Only the CDA, Leefbaar Rotterdam and PVV were against the ban.