Transavia to charge passengers for hand-luggage

Transavia airplanes at Schiphol
Transavia airplanes at Schiphol. April 21, 2007Pieter van MarionFlickrCC-BY-NC

From the end of March, Transavia will charge passengers extra for large hand luggage, the company informed its travel partners. "If our passengers want to be sure that their trolley suitcase or backpack will go with them in the cabin, it will cost 10 to 30 euros extra per return flight," a spokesperson for Transavia said to the Telegraaf.

Smaller luggage like a handbag or a laptop will still be allowed free of charge. But larger items will cost extra. Transavia hopes that the new guidelines will help prevent irritation at the gate about who is or is not allowed to take large hand luggage into the cabin. According to the airline, travelers often take large hand luggage with them to avoid having to check them in. These often exceed the maximum permitted dimensions.

"Anyone who pays extra for hand luggage also gets priority when boarding, so there is always enough room in the luggage bins above your seat. There are only a limited number of permitted reservations. Full is full, just like with preferred seats," the spokesperson said. According to Transavia, the luggage compartments of a Boeing 737 are full if half of the passengers bring a trolley case or rucksack. 

Transavia is the first Dutch airline to charge for hand luggage.