NS app to provide better info for people with visual impairments

A man and his guide dog on a train platform
A man and his guide dog on a train platformNS

National railway NS is releasing a new app to provide better information and assistance to passengers with a visual impairment. The app takes the most current information available on platform screens and provides in a manner which can be more easily read by those who have difficulty seeing the digital boards.

“I can now determine for myself which train departs from a platform and check whether I am in the right position,” said Peter Waalboer in a press release issued by NS. He was one of the app’s early testers. “This makes my train journey a little more independent.”

The app, NS Perronwijzer, was developed with the help of advocacy group Oogvereniging. It allows a passenger to also check current information at platforms not serviced by the NS, but with trains provided by other operators.

“Now everyone on the platform can access the same information at the same time,” said Luuk-Han Boon, the director of the Oogvereniging. “The equality of people with an eye condition is again one step closer.”