Many children with multiple disabilities don't go to school: report

Primary school classroom
Primary school classroom Photo: DGLimages/DepositPhotos

The majority of children with multiple disabilities can't go to school, mainly because schools cannot provide the complex care that the child needs, according to a survey among parents of children with multiple disabilities by De Telegraaf and Reporter Radio.

59 percent of the surveyed parents said that their child is not following any form of education. In most cases this is because schools cannot properly provide for their child's needs. 

For parents who were able to find a place in school for their child, there is a great deal of uncertainty around the costs of care and education. Three quarters of the respondents said they have no idea about the costs involved, calling the regulations "very complicated". 

The Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, is debating the problems in education on Tuesday. 


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