Brunssum doctor arrested for third time on sexual abuse allegations

The_Stethoscope,_Peru Alex Proimos Wikimedia commons

A general practitioner with a practice in Brunssum was arrested for the third time on suspicion that he sexually abused his patients. The man was arrested on Monday after two former patients reported him to the police. He is in custody for further investigation, NOS reports.

The doctor was tried in 2018 for having sex with a patient during a home visit. The Public Prosecutor demanded 18 months in prison against the man for sexual abuse. But the court acquitted him - the judge did not consider sexual abuse proven. The appeal in the case is still ongoing. In August last year, he was arrested for a second time on suspicion of sexually abusing a patient. This case is also still ongoing.

The medical disciplinary court suspended the man for 6 months after the first case against him in 2018.

The Dutch association for general practitioners LHV did not want to comment on this individual case to NOS. "But let it be perfectly clear that any form of sexual contact between a GP, or any doctor, and a patient is not allowed. It is never allowed. It is very important that patients know they are safe with their doctor," a spokesperson said to the broadcaster.