Most Dutch unaware of childhood poverty

Children playing at a daycare center
Children playing at a daycare centerPhoto: AllaSerebrina/DepositPhotos

A massive 315 thousand children and young people up to the age of 21 live in poverty in the Netherlands - much more than most Dutch think. 70 percent of Netherlands residents think few children live below the poverty line, or say they have no idea of the extent of childhood poverty, according to a study by panelWizard among 2,200 Dutch on behalf of Sam&, ANP reports.

Sam& is a collaboration of organizations that support children who grow up in a family with little financial resources. According to the organization, an average of two children per school class grow up in a family that can't afford to have them take part in sports, dance lessons or other school activities.

To enable these kids to also play sports, celebrate their birthday, or participate in other activities, parents, teachers, doctors or others involved can apply for help from Sam&. 

To make sure that this option is known to everyone, and to make the topic of childhood poverty more open to discussion, Sam& is launching a campaign on Thursday. Information will be shared on the radio, on poster in shelters, and in schools.