Tata Steel confirms 1,600 job cuts in Netherlands

Tata Steel, Velsen-Noord, IJmuiden, Netherlands
Undated file photo of the Tata Steel complex in Velsen-Noord near IJmuiden, Noord Hollandphoto: Sinicakover / DepositPhotos

Tata Steel announced that its factory in IJmuiden will be hit hard by the company's reorganization in Europe. Of the 3 thousand expected layoffs, around 1,600 will happen in the Netherlands, the company confirmed, NOS reports.

That number has been circulating in the media for some time, but this is the first time Tata itself confirmed how the layoffs will be distributed. Around 1 thousand jobs will be lost at the British factories, and around 350 in the rest of the world. According to Tata Steels, two thirds of the scrapped jobs consist of office- and management functions.

Tata Steel employees reacted with shock to the announced layoffs last week. European director Henrik Adam said in a press release that he understands his colleagues' concerns, but that the company cannot stand still in this changing world. 

In the coming weeks, Tata will meet with the Central Works Council in the Netherlands again to discuss the details of the layoffs. Trade union FNV told Noordhollands Dagblad that Tata can expect strikes and other labor actions if it does not come up with a better plan than mass layoffs.