Apeldoorn takes extra security measures for Sinterklaas arrival

Sinterklaas (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michell Zappa)Sinterklaas (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Michell Zappa)

Apeldoorn is taking various security measures, ranging from access gates to special rules of conduct, to make sure that Sinterklaas' national arrival party on Saturday is safe and pleasant, Hart van Nederland reports.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, the municipality will place access gates at 14 locations in the city center. Everyone who attends the celebration must pass through one of these gates, where there will be random checks. 

On the roads towards the route Sinterklaas will travel, the municipality is placing barricades to prevent "whatever kinds of incidents", a municipal spokesperson said to Hart van Nederland.

Part of the Apeldoorn city center was declared an event site for the arrival party. This means that special rules of conduct apply, such as no alcohol on the site, leaflets and flyers can only be handed out with prior permission, and no drones will be allowed. 

The access roads to Apeldoorn city center will be closed to car and bicycle traffic on Saturday. Traffic will be detoured on alternative routes, also to parking places. The bicycle and pedestrian tunnel will also be closed.

The municipality established demonstration areas at three locations along the route Sinterklaas will take. So far, three pro-Zwarte Piet groups have reported that they want to demonstrate, according to Hart van Nederland. The municipality is in discussion with them. 

Sinterklaas will arrive by train at the Apeldoorn station on Saturday. Information about his roue can be found here