Arnhem teacher fired over relationship with student, 17

The Montessori College in Arnhem fired one of its teachers for having a relationship with one of their pupils, a 17-year-old girl, the school announced in a letter to parents on Monday. "This is not accepted within education and therefore not within our school. In addition to the termination of employment, we reported this event to various authorities", director Sander Luttje wrote, De Gelderlander reports.

Luttje said that the teacher's lessons will be covered by another teacher as quickly as possible. No further details were mentioned regarding the teacher or student due to privacy. "We greatly regret this situation", the director said.

The teacher involved is a man in his thirties who teaches drama, De Gelderlander reports. In an internal message to his mentor students, the teacher wrote that he is deeply in love, according to the newspaper. In the message, the man says he has been in a "loving relationship for three months" and things are going very well. "This does not fit within education, so I am fired. Very simple. Sour? Incredibly. Logical. Also. Am I sad now? that too", he wrote. "Just for the sake of clarity, nobody was forced to do anything, and we really came together out of love."

A spokesperson for the school told De Gelderlander that the student involved and her parents are being offered all the support they need. The girl was at school as usual on Monday. "There is god contact with the parents." The situation was reported to the police, municipal health service GGD, and the municipality of Arnhem.