Urgent alert issued for suspect in two murders at Groningen cinema

Ergün S. suspected in the Groningen movie theater murders
Police say Ergün S., suspected in the Groningen movie theater murder, was spotted leaving the crime scene. Oct. 26, 2019Photo: Politie / Openbaar Ministerie

Update, 10:35 a.m., 27 October 2019: The suspect's name and image were redacted following his arrest.

Authorities identified Ergün S., 33, as their prime suspect after two dead bodies were found at a Pathé movie theater in Groningen. S. is suspected of killing both people, police said.

The two people killed reportedly worked for the cleaning company operating at the theater, according to unnamed sources speaking to several newspapers. Police did not confirm the victims' identities pending family notification.

Officers were called to the scene of the cinema on Gedempte Zuiderdiep at 9:20 a.m. on Saturday morning where they found the victims. Both died as a result of a violent crime.

The suspect was seen on security camera footage leaving the cinema. He is 1.72 meters in height, with dark hair, a beard, and the sides of his head are somewhat shaved. "At the time he left the cinema wearing boots, a gray backpack, dark clothing with a loud pattern on his sweater and pants.

Anyone who sees the suspect should call authorities immediately, police said. He should not be confronted by anyone, authorities stressed. He does not have a known place of residence.

A large police response team and forensic investigators spent the day searching for evidence inside and around the cinema. Neighbors told local newspaper Dagblad van het Noorden they saw police running across the rooftops with guns drawn.

The murders stunned many living and working in the area. The movie theater announced it would remain closed for the weekend. "I'm really shocked. That something like that happens in a cinema, a place where everyone sometimes sits to watch a movie. This is bizarre," said Marjet Woldhuis, a city council member.