Teens convicted of masquerading as a teacher to steal nude photos

Creepy hacker
Stock photo of a hacker hunched over a device in the middle of the nightPhoto: Kagenmi / DepositPhotos

Three teenagers were convicted on Tuesday, accused of creating a fake social media profiles to request nude photos of students. The two 17-year-olds and a 16-year-old were convicted of pretending to be a teacher, who later found the fake profile portraying him and reported it to authorities.

Two of the teens were sentenced to community service through HALT, a program that helps reform juvenile suspects through teaching, public service, and restitution to victims. The third, a 17-year-old, already served a HALT sentence for a previous crime, and will receive a different punishment from a judge.

Authorities said on social media that all three suspects initially denied involvement in the case, but the evidence against them was substantial. All three were students at a school in Schagen, police in the Noord-Holland town said.

Broadcaster NH Nieuws pointed out that the group was not successful in obtaining nude photos.