NS unveils new train interior concepts at Dutch Design Week

Rendering of NS plans for new train interiors
Rendering of NS plans for new train interiors Photo: Mecanoo

NS is presenting its vision for new train interiors at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven on Tuesday. The new interior design plans, made with the help of architect company Mecanoo, are focused on squeezing as many people as possible into a train as comfortably as possible, in order to cope with the increasing number of passengers and the limited capacity on the tracks

"We're presenting completely new interiors for different tastes", Joost van der Made, head of design at NS, said to the Telegraaf. "From dreaming away at bar tables against the window to easy hanging places for quickly going from A to B. Research shows that half-standing desks for working or calling are also popular."

According to him, the secret lies in more variety in the carriages and making more efficient use of the available space. "Thinner materials, demolishing unnecessary walls, and sitting up straighter create extra space", he said. "Open lounge areas are also popular." NS will replace the narrow balconies at the entrances and exits with large lounge areas with hanging chairs and narrow 'standing seats' opposite each other.

"That works out well, because we have to cope with 30 to 34 percent passenger growth in the coming decade, while rail capacity in the Netherlands is approaching its limit. That means that a strong compaction of people is needed."

These new design ideas will likely be used in the next tender for dozens of new trains, scheduled for next year. These new trains will then be introduced between 2024 and 2027. 


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