iPhones can now automatically send location to emergency services

Emergency call center (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Alfredo Molina)Emergency call center (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Alfredo Molina)

From today, Advanced Mobile Location (AML) is also available to iPhone users with the latest operating system - iOS13 - installed on their phones. AML automatically sends your location to the emergency services if you call emergency number 112. 

According to the police, AML helps emergency services respond to citizens in need faster and more efficiently. The service was introduced for Android phones with operating system version 4.0 or later in March of this year.

If you call 112 with a mobile phone, AML sends your location to the control room during the call. It works automatically, even if the phone's location facilities are switched off. The operator will also ask the caller for their location, to make sure first responders are heading to the right place. AML is switched on only for the duration of the call. Once the call is ended, it switches itself off again. 

"AML ensures that the control room operator can send the right help to the right place faster", the police said. "That can make a big difference if someone in need cannot make clear where they are."