Classroom dick pics prompt experienced teacher’s firing

A school teacher in Winterswijk was fired this week after he accidentally projected photos portraying male genitalia from his phone on to the classroom’s big screen. The teacher wanted to show his students a different set of images from his phone at the time, and not the photos and renderings of penises which were displayed, according to newspaper AD.

At the time of the incident earlier this week he was working with students aged 12 and 13 in their transition year from primary school into secondary school. It was not known if the photos were of himself or of another man, the newspaper reported.

The unnamed teacher at Gerrit Komrij College was terminated to guarantee student safety, said school director Sjef Lommen. It did not matter that the teacher worked at the school for about a decade with a spotless record, Lommen noted.

“The teacher has violated the integrity code of the school, and the trust is shattered,” Lommen told AD. “We stand for the safety of our students and parents must be able to rely on it.”