Greenpeace calls public to help choose protest action against Schiphol, Lelystad

Greenpeace handing out flyers at Schiphol Airport
Greenpeace handing out flyers at Schiphol AirportPhoto: Greenpeace

Greenpeace is planning a protest against pollution caused by the aviation sector. And for the first time ever, the environmental organization is asking the public to help choose what type of protest must be held at either Schiphol, Lelystad airport, or everywhere in the country.

Until October 6th, Dutch can vote for one of three options at this link. The first option is 'Protestival Schiphol', occupying a central place at Schiphol and turning it into a festival terrain. The second option is 'Stand up for the climate', in which everyone stands up at the same time, no matter where they are. And the third is occupying Lelystad Airport and turning it into a camp ground.

According to Greenpeace, society is increasingly against the aviation sector not doing its part in fighting the climate crisis. "Where many sectors are looking to reduce CO2 emissions, aviation is thinking of growth and opening more airports", campaign leader Dewi Zloch said to AD. "Schiphol is thereby undermining climate policy and our future."

The 'stand up for the client' protest action, in which people everywhere literally stand up at the same time - at home, at an airport gate, on a flight - is fun, but not very visible, Zloch said to Dagblad van het Noorden. Transforming Schiphol into a festival terrain is much more visible, but there is a good chance that airport security will put a quick end to it. The same applies to camping at Lelystad airport. 

The protest that gets the most votes will be carried out this fall. "It is very exciting for us to see what the idea will be, because we usually decide ourselves in the deepest secrecy", Zloch said to the newspaper. "It is now time for action with as many people as possible."