Body of missing ex-Philips boss found tied up in septic tank: Report

Septic tank in Kenya
The septic tank where the body of Tob Cohen was found in Kenya. Sept. 13, 2019Photo: Directorate of Criminal Investigations-Kenya

The body of former Philips East Africa boss Tob Cohen was found in a septic tank next to the Kitisuru, Kenya villa where he resided, authorities in Kenya confirmed. Cohen had been missing for 60 days, amid a contentious divorce with his wife, Wairimu "Sarah" Kamotho.

She was arrested late last month in connection with his disappearance. A friend of her's was taken into custody this week and reportedly confessed early on Friday, leading to the body's discovery.

"The body which was wrapped with many layers of clothing revealed signs of torture before his murder," the Directorate of Criminal Investigations-Kenya said in a statement.

The legs of the body were tied together, the Telegraaf said, noting that it was unclear if he was alive when he wound up in the septic tank.

"The underground storage which was empty had been completely sealed with concrete & guised with bushy wood cuttings. Sarah Wairimu, the key suspect & the late’s wife has been in remand after being severally interrogated by the investigating Team," the Kenyan authority continued.

Kamotho wrote a letter to the Dutch embassy in Nairobi shortly before his disappearance was reported. In the unsolicited note she said her husband "suffers from a depression that causes many problems, and that he refuses to be treated for it".

Cohen had been living in Kenya for decades, emigrating there in 1987. He stayed in close, near-daily contact with his sister in the Netherlands. She last heard from him in mid-July, and his phone was switched off around July 19th.

Kamotho claimed he went to Thailand to relax, but authorities could not verify her claim.


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