Wife arrested in disappearance of former Philips boss

Handcuffs and gavel

The police in Kenya arrested the wife of the missing former head of Philips in East Africa, Tob Cohen, in connection with his disappearance. Cohen went missing in mid-July. The couple were getting divorced, NOS reports.

Cohen had been living in Kenya for decades. After his disappearance, his wife told the authorities that he went to Thailand to relax. But investigators have been unable to find evidence that the man ever left Kenya. He was reported missing by his sister in the Netherlands, who hasn't heard from him since July 19th. 

Just before his disappearance, Cohen's wife wrote a letter to the Dutch embassy in Nairobi stating that her husband "suffers from a depression that causes many problems, and that he refuses to be treated for it". According to local media in Kenya, this letter and letters she wrote to Cohen's lawyers are seen as important evidence in the investigation into Cohen's disappearance.