"Corpse" found in Amsterdam trash actually a large doll

A "body" in the Amsterdam trash was a doll
A body found at an Amsterdam-Zuid trash container turned out to be a doll. Sept. 11, 2019Photo: Politie Amsterdam

An investigation into a grizzly report of a dead body wrapped in plastic garbage bags determined that the alleged corpse was actually a doll. Police responded to the underground garbage containers outside a nine-story apartment building on President Kennedylaan in Amsterdam Zuid at about 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday where the "mortal remains" were found.

"Extensive research was then done on site, which turned out to be a doll."

Photos shared on social media showed several police officers gathered at the scene. A tent with the police department's logo on it was erected over the supposed body to provide a private space to carry out the examination in private.

Referencing a photo of the would-be corpse, police said, "It was thus not immediately apparent that this was a doll. In such cases, we always carry out careful investigations with the help of the forensic team, as if there is a corpse the preservation of trace evidence is crucial.


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