Police puts end to illegal party on Amsterdam lake; 500 attendees

Police speedboat
Police speedboat Photo: Politie

The police put an end to an illegal party on the Nieuwe Meer in Amsterdam on Sunday. The party was held over multiple boats and had at least 500 attendees, the police said in a statement. Two people were arrested, and a water scooter and sound equipment were seized.

Three people became unwell during the party. "Presumably due to the combination of alcohol and/or drug use and the high temperatures", the police said. They were taken to hospital for examination and treatment. 

While police officers were providing aid to the unwell people, they were insulted by bystanders multiple times, the police said. "In connection with the priority at that time" no action was take against the people insulting the officers. But the police later arrested a 40-year-old man from Amsterdam for insult.

The police also arrested a 49-year-old man from Amsterdam. He was found on a sloop on the water, under the influence of alcohol. The man fled from the police while they were trying to arrest him, the police said. He ran onto a highway, where he was arrested a brief time later. A breathalyzer showed that his blood alcohol level was 0.9 percent, while the legal limit on the water is 0.5 percent. The man was also fined for refusing to identify himself and walking on the highway.

A 39-year-old man from Badhovedorp also lost his water scooter. The police seized the vehicle because a 42-year-old man from Amsterdam was sailing it too fast and irresponsibly between swimmers, without a license. The sound equipment used to amplify music so it could be heard on all the involved boats was also seized.