25,000 ecstasy pills seized; father & son arrested

25,000 ecstasy pills found in Appeltern, 20 August 2019
25,000 ecstasy pills found in Appeltern, 20 August 2019Photo: Politie

The police arrested two men, a 63-year-old father and his 39-year-old son, in Appeltern and Wijchen on Tuesday for exporting drugs abroad by sending them through the mail. While searching the older suspect's home, the police found around 10 kilograms of ecstasy - a total of around 25 thousand pills, the police said in a statement.

The police started this investigation a few weeks ago after nine envelopes with ecstasy inside were intercepted. Various other envelopes were intercepted during the course of the investigation. All in all they contained approximately a kilogram of ecstasy. 

The investigation led the police to the father and son, who are suspected of selling large quantities of drugs online. They were arrested on Tuesday. In the father's Appeltern home, searching officers found and confiscated 25 thousand ecstasy pills. They also found large amounts of nuts and sweets. The police believe the suspects hid the ecstasy in the sweet packaging before sending them in the post.

The police are investigating how long the suspects have been exporting drugs by post, the extent of the drug trafficking, and how much the earned.