Rotterdam's Maas tunnel fully open after years-long renovations

Driving through a tunnel
Driving through a tunnel Photo: nilaya/DepositPhotos

The Maas tunnel in Rotterdam is open again in both directions after two years of renovations. During the work, the tunnel was closed in the direction of Rotterdam-Zuid. Since 6:00 a.m. on Monday morning, traffic can fully use the tunnel again, NOS reports.

The renovation to the tunnel started in July 2017. In the two years that followed, concrete rot was dealt with on the roadways and  the floor beneath, and the technology in the tunnel was updated so that it meets the latest safety requirements. The two sides of the tunnel were tackled in turns. One of them always had to be open in a northerly direction, in order to keep the city center and Erasmus MC accessible. 

The Maas tunnel has been connecting the banks of the Nieuwe Maas for some 75 years and is the Netherlands oldest tunnel. The renovations on the tunnel is not yet complete. From December the Maas tunnel will be temporarily closed for pedestrians and cyclists. 


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