Family rescued as strong rip currents cause North Sea troubles

A KNRM rescue boat (Picture: Twitter/@KNRM)A KNRM rescue boat (Picture: Twitter/@KNRM)

The rescue brigade had to rescue an adult and two children in the North Sea at Egmond aan Zee when they were caught in a rip current on Thursday, RTL Nieuws reports.

The family of four was swimming together when the current suddenly became to strong for them. One adult managed to get out of the water under their own power. The Rescue Brigade helped the other adult and two children. The second adult was taken to hospital in unknown condition, according to the broadcaster.

The sea is very treacherous, the Rescue Brigade warns. "Because of the wind, the sea is wild. There is also a strong current. Every 100 to 150 meters there is a rip current somewhere. Because of the nice weather, there are also many people on the beach. These are ingredients for dangerous situations."

A rip current is created when there is a channel in a sand bank that is perpendicular to the beach. The water flows off the beach with great force at that location. People who end up in a rip current often try to swim back to the beach against the current, but it is almost always too strong. "Even adults can't get through it", the Rescue Brigade said.