Groningen has prettiest train station in NL; Amsterdam CS 4th

Travelers chose the main station in Groningen as the most beautiful train station in the Netherlands, in a poll ran by NS on social media. Amsterdam Central Station came in 4th place.

Of the over 10 thousand people who voted, over 33 percent voted for Groningen. The historic station in Valkenburg came in second place with 16 percent of the votes, followed by Rotterdam Central Station with 14 percent, Amsterdam Central Station with 11 percent, and Utrecht Central Station with 9 percent.

"In the reactions of voters and travelers there was much appreciation for the historic value of the monumental building", an NS spokesperson said to Het Parool about Groningen station. "It has a special ceiling. The appearance is quite majestic."

Second place also went to a historic station, the spokesperson pointed out. "You could say that sentiment among voters ran towards historic stations."

Erik van Willenswaard, assistant manager of Groningen station, is delighted with the prize. "Of course we know that Groningen has a beautiful station, but that our travelers also think so in such large numbers is really fantastic", he said to the newspaper.

The election for most beautiful station was held for the first time this year, at the initiative of NS social media manager Gerjan Vasse. "We think it's good to appreciate the special and sometimes historical aspects that a station has to offer", he said to Het Parool. NS will "definitely" consider holding this election again next year, he said.