Maxima to launch country's first AI course for kids

Queen Maxima (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Oliver Abels)Queen Maxima (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Oliver Abels)

Next month Queen Maxima will launch the Netherlands' first artificial intelligence course for children. The National AI Junior course is aimed at teaching kids between the ages of 10 and 14 the principles of AI, and to get them enthusiastic about technology and improving their technological skills. "In this way the can function optimally in a world in which technology plays an increasingly important role", the government said in a pre release.

The Queen will launch the course by attending the first lesson of the AI Junior course at De Rank primary school in Toldijk on September 4th. At the same time, pupils in primary schools throughout the Netherlands will also start the course. Maxima will discus the usefulness of technology and AI in particular with pupils in groups 7 and 8.

Maxima will also visit the West Achterhoek Library in Doetinchem, where she will learn about the importance of AI knowledge for everyone and how to reach as wide an audience as possible with this knowledge.

The AI Junior course was developed by the National AI course, FurutreNL, and UpgradeNL. From September 4th, libraries throughout the Netherlands will offer the National AI course for adults as well as the National AI Junior course for kids.